About the Ticketing System

Move at the speed of light with the myCloudFare Ticketing Suite.

Discover how to modernize and increase efficiencies of your transit agency through simplified operations. Your operations staff has access to real time data and ticket management enabling them to deliver a streamlined experience for passengers. The myCloudFare ticketing suite embraces innovation with the goal of providing convenience for both agencies and passengers.

The Suite Life

Passenger Mobile App

  • Account Registration & setup
  • Set up payment or auto replenish methods
  • Purchase mobile tickets
  • Show account balance & fare transaction history
  • Multiple security features
  • Activate mobile ticket by scanning
  • Multiple methods of validation available
  • Display service schedule
  • Customer service

Central Admin

  • Real-time dashboard to monitor mobile transaction information
  • Manage system administration functions
  • System hosted in-house, backed up by off-site disaster recovery location
  • Provide data for customer service support
  • Generate revenue/ridership reports
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  • Utilize different methods of validation such as visual, handheld or fixed validation
  • 2D-barcode/RFID decal installation available
  • Communicate with the Central System via Wi-Fi or Cellular
  • Takes less than 0.5 second to process tickets
  • Use NFC smartphones to tap the RFID tag as a default validation and activation method
  • Option for driver to see a live picture of themselves on the smartphone that confirms ticket is valid
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Fast Facts


People board public transportation 35 million times each day.


Public transportation is a $68 billion industry that employs nearly 420,000 people


87% of public transit trips directly impact the economy by connecting people to jobs or retail and entertainment venues.

Suite Solutions

Ticketing Suite Benefits

Benefit from what myCloudFare has to offer regardless of your location or method of transportation. Our suite is scalable to match all agency demands and usage while providing flexibility to adapt to changes in fare structure and rates. Seamlessly provide cashless options while knowing security features are enabled to ensure ticket validity and minimize fraud. Multiple validation methods are available to meet the needs of your desired implementation. Optional enhancements available to integrate with any third party or subsidized programs, such as for seniors, people with disabilities, and group sales.

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