Account-based Central Admin


Fare transactions will be processed through the Account-based Central System. Transit operators are able to manage the entire system from a web-based admin interface. With a system that’s hosted by myCloudFare with data redundancy at a disaster recovery site, rest assured that your transit sales and tickets are always secured. Easily provide revenue and ridership reports for management through myCloudFare’s advanced reporting capabilities.

Bus Ticketing
Bus Ticketing
Bus Ticketing Benefits Bus Ticketing Benefits


The myCloudFare Account-based Central Admin empowers transit system management to control and oversee all aspects of the mobile ticketing suite.

Benefits for your transit agency:

  • Heat map for locations of ticket activations
  • Real time dashboard to show mobile transaction information
  • Ability to configure system parameters
  • Customer service features
  • Ticket pricing management
  • Permissions management for admin users
  • Administration, systems monitoring, customer service and concessions enablement and reporting tasks


The myCloudFare Account-based Central Admin provides management a robust set of reports that enables them to gain keen insights into the trends, patterns, and behaviors of passengers. The ability to analyze these factors in real time and with robust data gives transit systems the ability to operate more efficiently, while at the same time making sure that customers are satisfied.

Fare Management

myCloudFare offers a fully customizable fare management system that allows agencies to make updates, adjust pricing, provide bulk ticket purchasing options and more. Our Accout-based Central Admin provides transit systems the opportunity to fully transform and modernize their fare management needs.