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myCloudFare, a division of Americaneagle.com, has over a decade of experience designing, developing, and operating complete and cutting edge account based ticketing and fare collection systems around the globe.

We have deployed our systems and technology across the entire spectrum of mass transit. Whether it be by bus, train or on water, transportation systems have relied on myCloudFare to provide innovative solutions.

Since 2003, myCloudFare has been supplying the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) with a Smart Card System, which was one of the first of its kind in North America. This system is processing over a billion dollars in fare revenue as well as nearly 200,000 individual rides daily.

In addition to transportation agency website development, we also provide complete, end to end, single solution systems for transit organizations which include technology for mobile app development, smart cards, inspection/validation devices, and ticket purchases through mobile friendly websites or mobile apps. Our website hosting network is audited annually for PCI compliance at the highest level and as members of the OSPT Alliance, you can rest assured our smart card technology is backed by the most modern, secure, and flexible standard in the industry.

Regardless of transit system size or mode of transport, myCloudFare has a proven history of providing custom and successful solutions for transportation agencies.

Bus Ticketing
Bus Ticketing

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