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Mobile ticketing provided by myCloudFare has transformed how passengers purchase their fare tickets, now making it possible for them to be bought from their smartphones. Delivering fare management at the speed of today’s society is critical as changes to fares can be managed through a single portal and immediately reflected on your customer’s devices in real-time.

From the scanning of tickets through ticket readers to the passengers managing their mobile tickets, myCloudFare works with you to implement the best solution for your transit ticketing needs. With over 15 years of experience in the transportation industry, myCloudFare provides a modern account-based mobile ticketing solution.

Flexible Integration with any OEM Hardware

On-Board Validator

Mounted inside a vehicle or at a point of entry. Connects to our central system through cellular, WiFi, or ethernet connection. Equipped with a top-of-the-line 2D barcode and RFID scanner to provide sub-second ticket or smartcard scans.

Handheld Validator

A rugged device the size of a modern cell phone with one of the highest water and dust protection ratings available on the market today. It can scan both 2D barcodes and smartcards with enough battery life to last all day and then some.

Retail Point of Sale

Allows ticket agents to sell tickets or reload smart media accounts for walk-up customers who have not already purchased tickets. Accepts all modern forms of payment, including cash, bankcards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Fare Management

Real-time administration of the entire ticketing system

Transit agency staff are provided access to a central administration website where they can monitor and modify almost every aspect of the ticketing system.

Upon login, our Dashboard provides quick and easy to understand metrics on how your riders are using the system, sales graphs, and ticket activations today, the last week, the last month, or the last year.

Staff can be setup as super users with access to the entire system or individuals can be setup with limited access to specific areas of the central system based on their role at the agency.

From analytics and reporting to fare prices to customer service, staff are able to see and change it all in real-time without having to contact us to make changes.

Real-time Validation with Offline Syncing

Ticket activations occur in real-time even if the validator is offline. If an internet connection is not available on the validation device, a ticket stored on the passenger's mobile device can be checked and validated, and synchronized once the validation device comes back online.

Each device is monitored and updated with the latest patches and security updates so that you have the most modern, flexible, and reliable ticketing system on the market today.

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