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Utilize the latest in smart card technology and mobile devices to provide ease during their trip. Learn more about the self-service account management and visual validation features offered through myCloudFare.

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The myCloudFare solution for ferries allows agencies to implement a seamless experience for both ferry operators and passengers alike. Whether buying their fare on a mobile device or at an on-location kiosk, ticket purchasing runs as smooth as the water they ride on.

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Above ground, on ground, and underground –

the myCloudFare solution is with you no matter where your trains operate. Use the latest technology for ticket validation to provide a cashless option for your passengers.

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From conferences, to charity events, and everything in between, myCloudFare offers a world renowned solution that streamlines the ticket management process from purchase to validation. Eliminate the need for printing of tickets and allow your attendees to access their tickets on the go.

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