Bus Ticketing System

On-board a Cashless Solution

Transport your bus passengers into the modern era with the ticketing suite, powered by myCloudFare. This cutting edge technology has completely changed the way bus passengers can purchase tickets and the method by which transit agencies collect fares.

Historically, one of the most daunting tasks nearly all transportation systems faced was the collection and secure retrieval of cash from buses and transit stations. myCloudFare solves this aged-old problem by allowing transit agencies to collect fares safely and securely via a cashless, account-based central system.

Bus Ticketing
Bus Ticketing
Bus Ticketing Benefits Bus Ticketing Benefits


Most of today’s bus passengers have an expectation that their local transportation system will provide them with a secure and simple way to purchase their fare tickets. Now bus passengers can pay for their tickets through their smart phones, anywhere, anytime.

Benefits for your passengers:

  • Total fare purchase convenience and security.
  • Easily access account information and balances from smartphone app.
  • Allows for features such as auto-reload with stored wallet information.

Benefits for your transit agency:

  • Faster boarding
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Decrease operating costs.
  • Potential revenue generation from advertisers.


Mobile POS System

Electronic Fund Transfer at Point of Sale (POS)

The standalone POS will consist of a credit/debit module and a PIN pad for carrying out the debit/credit card payment. The passenger will be asked to use his/her credit/debit card and to provide the signature on the terminal as validation of card ownership.

On Board Ticket Validator

On-Board Validator

A contact card reader is used to read and store the Security Access Module and E-cash Box as the security access control and electronic funds control.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Empowers riders to pay for their fares on the device they carry with them every day. Customer’s payment information is stored securely on out account-based system for super fast ticket purchases. Also provides easy access to all tickets and passes available on the rider’s account.

Smart Card/Wearables

Smart Card/Wearables

For riders that don’t have access to the web or a mobile device, we can also offer smart media for fare payments. Funds can be loaded remotely through the customer portal and all our fare validation devices are RFID/NFC compatible.

Smart Sign

Smart Sign

Smart Signs are low cost, mobile-friendly devices that can be installed on vehicles or at point of entry. They are completely wireless with no onboard electricity or internet feed required. To use, riders simply activate their fare in-app by tapping their phone against a Smart Sign or by scanning a QR code.