Retail Point of Sale System


Agencies and operators can provide expanded payment capabilities for passengers, while benefiting from ease of use with inventory management, reporting and increased efficiencies. The myCloudFare Retail Point of Sale System (RPOS) allows passengers to puchase 2D-barcode paper or mobile tickets and purchase or reload their smart media accounts.

Bus Ticketing
Bus Ticketing
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The myCloudFare Retail Point of Sale System will be installed at the ticket booth and will consist of the Cash Register with a cash drawer, a smart card reader, a barcode scanner, a thermal printer and a standalone POS Terminal for credit/debit processing.

Benefits for your passengers:

  • Ability to purchase or reload smart media
  • View current balance, fare product and recent transaction data
  • Ability to purchase 2D-barcode paper and mobile ticket
  • Process refunds
  • Customer service function

Benefits for your transit agency:

  • Reporting functionality including history of sales, refunds and more
  • Integrated with the Account-based Central System
  • Activity report for reconciliation
  • Ability to register and issue concession (reduced fare) smart media


Mobile POS System

Electronic Fund Transfer at Point of Sale (POS)

The standalone POS will consist of a credit/debit module and a PIN pad for carrying out the debit/credit card payment. The passenger will be asked to use his/her credit/debit card and to provide the signature on the terminal as validation of card ownership.

Card Reader

Contactless Card Reader with Customer Display

A contactless card reader is used to interface the user card to the RPOS. The card reader supports the different types of smart card within the system, while the reader is also equipped with a SAM slot for verifying transactions completed on the terminal.

On Board Ticket Validator

On-Board Validator

A contact card reader is used to read and store the Security Access Module and E-cash Box as the security access control and electronic funds control..

ADR100 Photo Id Render

2D-barcode Scanner

A 2D-barcode scanner is an option to verify any 2D-barcode paper ticket for passengers’ inquiries or refunds.

ADR110 Barcode Render

Thermal Printer

The Thermal Printer provides a receipt of any transaction or 2D-barcode tickets at the RPOS. This will be connected to the PC such that respective information can be printed.

VAL100 On Board Ticket Validator

Cash Drawer

The cash drawer is connected to the RPOS and will store all cash received at the RPOS through smart media or 2D-barcode ticket sales.