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Linking riders through mobile ticketing solution.

The LYNX transit system operates a total of 88 bus routes in the Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties in the state of Florida. The transit service began in 1972 and it handles over 20 million riders each year.


Ridership on LYNX typically exceeds 83,000 people per day during the work week. LYNX traditionally relied upon a cash fare box or monthly passes to collect revenue. The transit system needed to find a new way to modernize its fare collection system in order to relieve the agency from the burdens of handling so much cash on a daily basis. When LYNX decided to invest in a mobile ticketing solution for their transit system, they chose and myCloudFare.


Using myCloudFare, developed the LYNX PawPass app for the transit agency. The technology has completely modernized the ticketing process for users. Riders can now purchase tickets, control their account settings, plan a trip, view maps and bus schedules, and easily access other important information right from their smartphones. The app is designed to work extremely well on both IOS and Android devices. Bus drivers can also validate ticket information from the app’s screen. For desktop users, myCloudFare also powers the website with the same functionality.

The new ticketing system has enhanced customer satisfaction and made it easier than ever to ride. LYNX has seen very successful results, as rider usage has grown nearly 23% since inception.

“We believe a mobile pay system will make ticket purchasing much more convenient for our customers. The new app certainly achieves this goal. We were particularly impressed with the expertise in how the TTP team built our custom product. We had a great experience working with and our wonderful project team who never failed to provide exceptional customer service.”

Edward Johnson

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  • Mobile Ticketing Solution
  • Account Management
  • Trip Planner
  • Route Maps / Schedules
  • Easy to Use Visual Verification
  • App & Desktop Accessibility
Lynx Transit System