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Providing a custom mobile ticketing solution for corporate clients.

The Chicago Water Taxi, via all three branches of the Chicago River, is a fun and affordable way to travel around downtown Chicago. The water taxi serves more than 400,000 passengers each year and takes riders to popular spots along the Chicago River.


A number of years ago, several riverfront building owners contracted with Chicago Water Taxi to offer a no-cost ride program up and down the river. They wanted to offer their commercial and residential tenants a convenient and time-saving way to travel around downtown. Chicago Water Taxi had traditionally relied on paper passes as the ticketing method for passengers. When the water taxi service needed to modernize the corporate partner employee ticketing system, they turned to and myCloudFare for help.


Following a needs analysis, used myCloudFare to develop the Corporate Cruiser App for Chicago Water Taxi. Now both building employees and residents can purchase tickets, manage their account settings and access other important information all from their smartphones. Chicago Water Taxi employees can also scan ticket bar codes right from the app screen.

The Corporate Cruiser app has been very successful in transforming the ticketing process for the Chicago Water Taxi. The myCloudFare-powered solution has provided a much more effective ticketing and fare collection system for the taxi service and its corporate partner customers.

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  • Mobile Ticketing Solution
  • Account Management
  • Electronic Ticket Validation
  • App & Desktop Accessibility
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