Mobile Ticketing: Athletics and Event Venues Are Going Digital

Mobile Ticketing for Events

With COVID-19 restrictions beginning to loosen up, managers of athletics and other venues are moving to mobile-only ticketing to minimize interactions with people at entrances. Instead of dealing with paper, ticket holders will use their smartphones to scan digital tickets to gain entry to events. As well as the safety factor, there are other advantages to mobile ticketing, including:

•    Providing flexibility and options for ticket holders. This includes the ability to easily transfer tickets digitally to family or friends. Enrollees in a mobile ticketing program can also receive real-time updates on changes to dates and times of events.

•    No more stress because tickets have been left at home or in the car.

•    The ability to have multiple tickets on the same mobile device.

•    Greater security against counterfeit and stolen tickets.

•    Reduced expenditures for venue managers. Savings can then be reinvested in the sport or other activity.

Here are a few examples of organizations all over the country switching to mobile ticketing:

•    Fayetteville, Arkansas - Beginning with the upcoming 2020-21 season, Razorback Athletic events will switch to mobile-only ticketing. This will apply to all single event tickets, season tickets, and mini-plans.

•    South Orange, New Jersey - Seton Hall University Athletics will be moving to digital-only ticketing for basketball home games. Tickets can be easily accessed through the SHU Pirates Mobile App starting a few weeks before the start of the 2020-21 season.

•    Lincoln Nebraska Nebraska Athletics has announced the adoption of mobile ticketing. Fans will be able to quickly obtain tickets and parking passes for every Husker home game on their smartphones beginning with the 2020 fall season.

•    Boca Raton, Florida - FAU Athletics will no longer acknowledge paper tickets for future events. The new ticketing process will be tried out at FAU Stadium on September 26, 2020, when the Owls are scheduled to host the University of South Florida.

•    Durham, North Carolina - The Durham Performing Arts Center announced that it will be going over exclusively to mobile ticketing, effective September 1, 2020. 

Mobile Ticketing Is the Future

Mobile ticketing has become standard for any ticketed event. In fact, the event ticketing market is expected to grow by 39.87 billion U.S. dollars between 2020 and 2024. With mobile ticketing, a sports fans literally has game day options right in the palm of their hand. Their cellphone is now their ticket and much more.