Ways Mobile Apps for Events Help to Increase Attendee Engagement

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In an increasingly connected and collaborative business world, networking events, trade shows, and events of all kinds are becoming more and more frequent. An important way to engage attendees in your event is to develop a mobile app unique to the event. This technology offers a variety of opportunities to increase attendee engagement through different features. Here are some features of event apps we recommend you to capitalize on:

Personalized agenda

Making your event’s agenda feature on the app personalized and customizable is extremely beneficial. It allows attendees to engage with the app, and easily view just the information they want to see about the workshops or sessions they choose to attend. It also allows them to block off time for themselves to network, schedule meetings, etc. and be able to visualize those personal events with the entire schedule.

Interactive map

Also, providing an interactive map to attendees (especially at large-scale events) of your event center, and even the surrounding area can prove to be very helpful. It helps to improve timeliness of the event and minimize any frustration attendees may experience trying to navigate a difficult building.

Live updates

Probably the most important feature you should take advantage of on your event app is the tool for connectivity and communication that you have at your disposal. You can reach attendees easily by sending push notifications and announcements regarding cancellations, changes in location, etc. It’s vital to identify only the essential notifications you need to send to your attendees so as not to spam or annoy them.

Attendee profiles

Next, allowing your attendees to upload information about themselves into a profile on your app is an excellent networking tool. It serves almost as a digital business card for attendees to build their network and make connections with people they may not even get the chance to meet and speak with at the event.

Attendee messaging

In addition to hosting a platform for attendee profiles, it’s important to pair that with a platform for attendee messaging. This allows attendees to build connections and schedule meetings, collaborate, and exchange contact information easily.


Another important feature is taking advantage of having in the moment opportunities to interact with your attendees easily via an app—it’s one of the quickest ways to get feedback on your event as a whole and individual sessions at your event. This helps to improve your event for the future and assure that attendees’ voices are heard.

Quick links to other resources

Simply including a tab for other resources is so convenient for your attendees, and can increase the usage of other resources you provide! Providing links to your event’s social media or hashtags makes it significantly easier for attendees to engage not only with your app, but with other campaigns and resources you worked hard to create.

Staying current with technology at your event is essential in order to continually reach your target attendees. Moreover, engaging with your attendees once they are at the event is an ideal way to assure that attendees get the most out of your event and resources you have to offer—and having an app for your event is the best way to improve attendee engagement.

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